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Small Spaces Quartet

Set in contemporary Vermont, the Small Spaces Quartet is the story of three friends who face a series of horrifying games and schemes dreamed up by an ancient evil called the Smiling Man. Each book is attached to a season. We begin in the fall with Small Spaces, continue into a haunted winter with Dead Voices, move into a monstrous spring with Dark Waters and finally a terrifying summer with Empty Smiles.

Wherever you go in this big, gorgeous, hideous world, there's always a ghost story waiting for you

Honors and Awards

Kirkus | best book of 2018 Small Spaces

Publisher’s Weekly | best book of 2018 Small Spaces

Chicago Public Library | best book of 2018 Small Spaces

Vermont Golden Dome Book Award | 2020: Small Spaces

William Allen White Children’s Book Award | 2021 Small Spaces

Hawaiian Nene Award | 2023 Small Spaces

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